I asked Michala to come and help me with my utility room which had turned into a bit of a dumping ground for all sorts -from extra food items to camping stuff, tools, shoes and more mugs than anyone could ever need. I had no motivation to sort our “dump zone” out myself and as a new Mum lacked a lot of time! Michala came in and turned the space around in less than 2 hours. It went from being undefined chaos to being a space with clear, organised purpose so much quicker than I’d have expected and a lot quicker than I would have managed on my own. Michala gave me motivation to get on with it, questioned the need for items that I was keeping for the “what if” situations but never used and had tons of ideas for better use of the space. I’m so pleased with the results! I thought that having Michala help me would just make it quicker but her ideas for moving stuff around and using the space more efficiently made the end result way better and more sustainable than if I’d done it myself. Not only that but she’s kick-started my motivation for de-cluttering and she gave me loads of really exciting ideas for other areas in the house to make our every day use of the house flow better. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
Loved working with you Michala! Let’s do it again soon 🙂

Sarah – New Mum