Solutions for your drawers!

In my last post ‘The Man Drawer’ I stressed that there are many 10 minute jobs around the home that just aren’t as bad as we think!

I tackled my ‘junk’ drawer not so long ago…..

My provisional tidy up of this used tools I already had around the house to make it organised. When you first start de-cluttering and organising you will often use make-shift systems that you already have around the house until you find the perfect fit.

Today I purchased a solution that works far better and you can utilise this in any drawer around your home. They’re perfect for organising an array of household things.

You can purchase trays like this plus these gems below for your fridge and cupboards from Homesense and they start from around £7.99

Hey look. I know they’re only drawers but you will be so surprised how simple jobs like this around your home can make a real difference to becoming clutter free and organised 🙂

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