The services I offer are there for anyone who feels overwhelmed by too many possessions or the environment they are living in has become a source of stress.

There can be a number of reasons why someone chooses to ask me for help so I’ve detailed here the key areas where professional support can help.

Decluttering in particular can be a challenging area to tackle, as we can become very attached to some of our possessions. My role is not to strip back your home – my role is to help you make a conscious decision on what you want to keep in your home so that everything around you fills you with joy and you benefit from a peaceful environment as you live out your daily life

General Professional Decluttering

When clutter has built up over a period of time it becomes increasingly difficult to tackle on your own. I help clients declutter their household possessions so that their home is no longer a source a stress but a sanctuary to come home to. These can be one off projects – for example, a study, garage, loft space – or it can be ongoing regular support to methodically work through possessions.

Professional Organising

Sometimes, the issue is not just to do with clutter but more to do with chronic disorganisation. This is not surprising. We live in an increasingly chaotic world and often our home environments can suffer when the demands on our time and energy are so great. I help clients streamline their priorities, create healthy daily habits and put systems in place to keep home life simple and clutter free.

Moving Home & Home Staging

If you’ve ever moved house, you know first hand how stressful it can be. I help clients to methodically and systematically pack up their homes (often decluttering as we go) and unpack into their new homes.

If you want to put your house on the market but feel overwhelmed by how much you need to do in order to get it ‘brochure ready’ I can help you declutter and ‘stage’ your home for photographs.


If you have lost someone you are close to and you now have the task of sorting through their possessions, I know the thought of this can be heartbreaking and overwhelming. It’s often a painful process and one that feels like a mountain to climb.

Having someone there to patiently and lovingly walk you through this process can be a huge relief. My role here is to help you methodically work through possessions at your pace. I’m also here to listen and support you through a challenging time.


If you have lost someone you are close to and have now inherited some property and possessions, I can help you methodically work through these possessions and process items to retain, items to sell on and items to donate. This can be done at a pace that you feel most comfortable with and once again I offer a listening and supportive ear as we progress through the project.

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