A clutter build up is nothing to feel ashamed of. There are various reasons why our homes can become a little overwhelming.

I’ve worked with so many people ranging from new mums to retired people. I’ve also come alongside people who are struggling with an illness or impaired mobility. There are many reasons and seasons of life that can cause an increase in clutter and the results can be feelings of overwhelm and stress.

In a decluttering and organising session, I come alongside you in your home to help you get on top of your clutter and organise your living environment. For some people this may be a one off project, for example; a garage, a loft or spare room. However, most of my clients ask for my help over several sessions.

Over the course of these sessions, we work methodically through the areas of your home where there has been a clutter build up. During the process, it becomes easier to identify the type of clutter that is an issue and why. We can then put organisational tasks in place to maintain an environment of reduced clutter.

These sessions are a personalised coaching session where we work hard to edit your possessions and you are equipped to maintain a clutter free and organised environment which should result in a calmer and simplified life.

If you choose to work with me you will find the whole experience encouraging and uplifting – it’s a great feeling when you can see immediate results. We will work hard but the results will be worth it and you can then enjoy reduced stress and a calmer, simplified life.

Check out my prices – I keep my rates affordable so that my services are accessible.

For an informal chat you can call 07858 521989

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